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The competition repertoire consists of 2 sections:

1 - Obligatory works / assignments

2 - Your own chosen programme of about 75’ in length, with repertoire from between 1500-1650:

  • solo works or works with accompaniment
  • at least two different nationalities must be represented (e.g. German & Italian)
  • Please indicate which works you will be providing for the first round, semi-final and final

MAfestival will provide an accompanist (harpsichord / organ) if required, or you can bring your own accompanist.

First round

1 - G. Frescobaldi: two canzone of your choice

2 - Two compositions with accompaniment, from your own chosen programme

  • Two different nationalities must be represented
  • Each solo work with accompaniment must be between 8’ (minimum) and 14’ (maximum) in length


1 - Four improvised variations on a folk song

  • the melody will be specified when the semi-finalists are announced 

2 - The jury will make a choice from the candidate’s own chosen programme


1 - A contemporary composition (to be announced after May 7th 2020)

2 - Improvisation ‘upon a ground’

  • improvisation in historically informed style
  • 4’ to 6’ in length
  • the ‘ground’ will be specified when the finalists are announced 
  • MAfestival will provide an accompanist (harpsichord / organ) (if required)

3 - A virtuoso composition

  • demonstrating the finalist’s technical and musical excellence
  •  with accompaniment
  • this composition can be, but does not have to be, from the candidate’s own chosen  programme (it can also be an additional work)     



You will find the regulations here:

Download regulation
When opens the registration?

Registration for the competition is possible from January 8th 2020.

I have a question regarding the competition. Who should I contact?

Mail us via or call +32 50 33 22 83. All questions will be answered by the production manager of the MAfestival. You can also reach her directly on